13 Reasons Why: A sorry excuse for entertainment

Today we unravel the Netflix show, “13 reasons why”, one of the most popular and beloved television series trending today. Television is not a field we have planned to explore, but since this series has managed to garner a lot of attention and its influence is visibly spreading like wildfire, we have decided to give it a piece of our mind.

The Synopsis: Hannah Baker, a high school student has very recently committed suicide due to emotional and psychological trauma. Clay Jensen (Hannah’s close friend and pursuer) discovers a box lying on the porch of his home. The box contains cassettes which in turn contain a short audio library authored by Hannah. With detail in reasoning, the carefully recorded tapes will address a specific set of people who are directly and indirectly involved in Hannah’s unfortunate decision to commit suicide.

Suicide and rape are two of the most extremely serious issues of concern in a modern civilized society. When a material (media or art) deals with these two issues, they ought to deal with a lot of responsibility and concern. “13 reasons why” is an utterly irresponsible piece of propaganda that makes a mockery of social issues. Bullying, negligence, loneliness are problems essentially experienced by everyone at some point of their lives, especially in high school or in college. The solutions to these problems aren’t that far fetched either. As if opting for suicide as a solution to these problems isn’t morbid enough, “13 reasons why” suggests a repugnant idea that glorifies suicide as a righteous act of revenge. “13 reasons why” very specifically targets its audience (teenagers) and marvelously manages to entrap them in its drivel. Implementing highly professional and suave cinematic techniques, it is designed to cater to the fantasies of sugar-coated minds who believe that everyone is entitled to understand and read their minds. It is undoubtedly hard being a teenager, as a teenager is a child trapped in an adult’s body. It is only understandable that several natural biological and psychological factors sum up to the erratic, irrational and delusional nature of the teenage mind. In all honesty, “13 reasons why” provides an authentic overview of this enigmatic feature. Unfortunately, it fails to explore beyond its shallow romantic agenda and provides a one sided examination of deeper problems. It concentrates on satisfying its viewers rather than providing a rational insight. That is exactly the reason it has garnered such a massive attention from teenagers worldwide. The actors did perform well and the show did have some good cinematic and thematic elements but, it fails technically in some important aspects. Apart from lacking subjective depth, “13 reasons why” acquaints us with terrible dialogue and one dimensional teenage melodrama. In its over-sensationalized portrayal of emotions, it fails to address the intricacies of mental health and depression.

Due to the lack of awareness in what it portrays, “13 reasons why” fails to fulfill its label as a captivating series on psychological, social and moral issues and ultimately ends up as a sorry excuse for entertainment.


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